About Karl Heinz Jeron

KH Jeron's project "Will Work For Food" explores labour and barter economy. 

Small robotic vehicles trade their manpower for food. The vehicles can draw and whistle. People can borrow one of the vehicles and let them work for them. After completing the assignment the vehicles have to be returned or given over to somebody else who needs their skills. 

The bartered food is prepared during a "Will Work For Food" Happening.

During the KunstRaum Goethestrasse edition of the project, he received lentils, flour, rocket salad, garlic, lemon and some spices and herbs.

After thinking about these ingredients for some time, a Falafel recipe came to his mind. He customized the recipe, e.g. replaced the chickpeas with lentils, added flour to make the dough a bit more solid.

It was quite tasty, so he did it again several times, improving the recipe and then sharing it with us here in Istanbul as part of our Virtual Chef project.

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