Virtual Chef - Galata

Saturday October 18th, 2008 

Güney Resteraunt, Galata Tower Square

 Istanbul, Turkey

We were connected to Karl Heinz Jeron in Berlin, Germany,

who instructed us how to make his special version of Falafel

The project began by making a connection with Karl, 

who sent us a list of ingredients to collect for the meal.

We then started our research.

 • Where can we find these ingredients in Galata?

 • How does the culinary traditions of another region affect the tastes of Turkish ingredients?

As we sourced the ingredients, we gathered information, met people

and explored new parts of our surroundings.

On the night of the dinner, as part of the Visibility Project - 4 in Galata, we were connected live to our ‘virtual’ chef with sound and video. He took us step by step through the cooking of the meal, sharing memories or other stories associated with the food being cooked.  

When the food was finished, we ate together, us in Galata, Karl in Berlin.

A project of Julie UpmeyerIna Stockem

dutchThanks to the Consulate of the Netherlands for supporting Virtual Chef - Galata

Also thank you to:

Mehmet for the emergency internet rescue 

Anita for her photography skills

Rod for his videography

Regina for her deep frying expertise

Melike for translating the website