What are you doing?

As an ‘Observer in Residence’ I’m able to see the process of the project from a complete outsiders perspective – not really part of the organising team and not really a participant. I provide a neutral presence – observing how the project progresses and evolves, how it is placed and received in the surrounding environment and how the various participants interact with each other and the space.

Iuliana initiated both the Transymusic project and the Morisena space. I have recently initiated a series of projects in the context of my own space, Caravansarai in Istanbul. We obviously had something in common…

In my grant application, in response to the question : 

What exactly are you going to do, where, when, why, and how?

I answered:

I wish to travel to the Morisena house in Sangeorgiu de Mures, near Targu Mures, Romania for the preparation, duration and documentation of the ‘Transymusic’ residency and event that will be held there from Dec. 8 – 20th. I wish to both aid and observe Iuliana as she prepares, facilitates and coordinates this event. I also wish to watch the interactions that take place between the Morisena guest musicians and the local neighborhood. I will arrive before the event (on the 3rd of Dec) and leave a few days after the event’s conclusion (on the 22nd of Dec)

Morisena and Caravansarai are both located in places without a history of art activities. I wish to understand the context of Morisena to better understand the context of Caravansarai. Also, both Iuliana and I have aspirations to organise projects and events regionally. Useful and interesting collaborations can only happen when both parties have first had experience of their partners and the ‘other’s’ locations. Getting to know Iuliana as a person and understand her aspirations and working environment is the first step to a continued collaboration. Only after this personal meeting can the virtual tools offered through the internet be truly effective. We also hope to discuss funding strategies for our projects, as both of our organisations are at a point where creative and secure support is vital to the continuation of our efforts.