➙  The House

The large house, garden, and yard area is located on a main road, just outside of the main city. On the ground floor there is a large salon with separate working areas or bedrooms. A slightly lower level has a kitchen/eating room and the cellar. The attic has been transformed into the sleeping dormitory, with mattresses and relaxing areas. 

The House: Details

The house, at first glance, seems like a traditional Romanian house…beautiful old furniture, sculptures of birds and other things to put on tables, typical Romanian carpets…but then you notice….there is a layer of something else…bits of Iuliana and traces of the various art projects that have taken place there.

The House: Textures

Throughout the event the space changed. The musicians collected instruments and sound makers from the kitchen and garage, the kids transformed every area into play-zones and more people claimed areas of the attic as their vestiges of personal space.

The House: Objects

The project is over....empty house