➙ ➙ The Food

At Morisena all the resident artists, and the creator, Iuliana herself, all live in a large house. 

It is not surprising that cooking and eating play a large part of the entire experience.

The Food: Romanian Pastry

cakey, caramely, crunchy, flaky, rolled and layered, with pudding, poppy seeds and white fluffy stuff

The Food: Markets

The winter food market of root vegetables, canned goods, preserves. Too cold for the Chiquita bananas.

The Food: Mother Cake

The Food: Varza a la Cluj

We made Varza a la Cluj in Istanbul a few months before as part of the Virtual Chef – Romania project at the Caravansarai Project space and meeting point in Istanbul. For part 2 of the project, we made it in Romania! More about Varza in Romania here: Varza a la Cluj (Part 2)

The Food: Eating Out

There are variety of choices for eating out – ‘point at your food’ cafeterias, ‘non-stop’ fast food, mobile market-mobiles, street food, cool cafes and traditional restaurants

The Food: Palinca Distillery

A bit out of town was a small palinca distillery selling by the liter. They also make a tasty cognac) Its best to bring your own bottles to fill, though they do have a few to spare.

The Food: Packaging

The Food: Cellar

The items from the garden are canned, fermented, stored and otherwise preserved in a small sub-level room just off of the kitchen. The contents include carrots, parsnips, tomato juice, zacusca and other preserves, to be eaten throughout the winter.

The smaller room in the back is the wine cellar, where Iuliana’s father creates his sweet red wine. To harvest the wine from the large glass fermentation jugs, one must run a tube from the wine to a pan. A little suck is needed to get the flow going (which Ergo had mastered)

The Food: Cooking & Playing

The recipe for carrot cake traveled from an American Peace Corps volunteer, through Mark the Spoon Man, a Romanina spoon carver and to me. This cake was made with carrots from Iuliana’s garden.

A huge bag of whole walnuts was donated to Morisena. During our walnut processing, Baiba and I founded the walnut museum, collecting the best hearts, twins and 'Batmans.'

Eat fried brains and eggs, it will make you smarter.

Pig skins make a nice treat (not just for dogs…I think I had a soup with it during my last hours in the train station)