Why Romania ... Why Morisena ... Why Transymusic ... Why now?

I first contacted Iuliana Varodi through Res Artis , the international network of artist residencies. Caravansarai and Morisena were started generally at the same time and we were both interested to keep in touch during this process, comparing methodologies and developments in the various aspects of our projects. Morisena, like Caravansarai is project based…truly coming alive only during the events. I wanted to visit Morisena during an event, Transymusic was the next upcoming project.

A few months before visiting Romania, I showed the videos produced as a result of the Morisena Hitchhiking to Transylvania project at Caravansarai. The evening of the screening we also organised a collaborative event ‘Virtual Chef – Romania’ in the Caravansarai kitchen. In Istanbul, we were live through the internet to Morisena, receiving instructions on how to cook ‘Varza a la Cluj’, a Romanian cabbage dish.

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We are both now at a point of assessment and planning for the future, planning the structural, financial and conceptual futures for our organisations.