Who are you anyways?

As an obvious outsider, many social interactions tend towards interrigations rather than casual conversations. Yes, mostly its true. Only once the basic facts are taken care of, once a basic understanding of one’s history and intentions are made clear, can an interesting conversation take place. Well here it goes….

I am an artist, initiator based in Istanbul, Turkey. 
I have lived there for one year, making it my home after living in various places throuhgout the world for the three years following my university studies. 
I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, my parents still live there. 
My father is a civil engineer, my mother started 
Arts & Scraps when I was about 10.
I have a sister, she is a zoologist and works in the African savana at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. 

Three months ago I started an independent project space in Istanbul.

I try these week to find out what, exactly, is happening in Dortmund. It is certainly nothing like Istanbul…

I will be mostly in The Depot, except during the performances. I will be working on some map-like drawings and hanging out. Please join me for some sunflower seeds

my website: www.active-ingredient.net
our project space in Istanbul: 
julie (at) 

by Julie Upmeyer, Observer in Residence, Off Limits Festival & Symposium, 2007

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