Yes, yesterday was thanksgiving. I got a few text messages from friends, and an online animated greeting card from my parents. There was a talk at the gallery (the first one in English!  yeah!) and later we went to Rado's house for pizza. I called a toast for the holiday, my company was surprisingly compliant but asked exactly what Thanksgiving was. Another over-marketed American holiday for sure, but for me, any holiday was more about our family traditions than anything else; going to the parade, cooking all day, spending time with friends and family. 

Later on in the day, my friend came to my rescue with an email. She describes Thanksgiving as:

"Present day it's a time when we are thankful for what we have and eat a lot with our family/friends.  back in the day it's when the settlers came together with the indians for the first time in peace, ate together and shared their harvest (i believe this is where white people first ate corn on the cob if you need to explain it that way:)"

Thank you Maryann