my escapes

I've been here for three weeks now, and sure, sometimes I escape from my immediate reality. I create distractions, curious to watch in what form these escapes come.  

  • walking in the woods - body occupied, movement as meditation, mind blank or thinking of deep past
  • talking with distant friends - body irrelevant, mind in another place completely
  • reading - body at rest, education, constant relations to reality
  • watching movies - body at rest, lying in bed or on floor, education, entertainment, total escape
  • oversleeping - body inert, avoiding consciousness
  • visiting supermarkets - body anonymous, fantasies of future scenarios, other realities (house, cooking, friends) 
  • answering emails / other work - body irrelevant, feeling of productivity, pathways to the future
  • drinking alcohol - body activated, mind optimistic, perception of time altered
  • making up stories - body irrelevant, tuning out surrounding sound, deep and playful observation of physical reality