Why become an artist? 

I must admit it was not made clear to me what exactly that was when I first got involved. We had a huge basement in my house, with lots of 'stuff' that we played with; we built cities from boxes, painted and other, more specific 'craft' projects. My grade schools had excellent art programs and I was able to take ceramics, metals, drawing, painting, graphic arts and sculpture. I liked the physicality of these activities, I learned the skills quickly and I had a good eye for design and composition. It was somehow settled...I wanted to study art, but of course I should choose to specify in graphic design because it was useful. This I did, concurrently with ceramics and sculpture courses. At a certain point I decided I didn't want to spend my life in front of a computer, so I quit the graphics classes (right before 'website design') and concentrated on ceramics. Shortly after this, I stopped using clay, as it became evident that I would not have a ceramics studio of my own any time in the near future. My art was made from everyday materials; paper, plastic, food, I was fascinated by Arte Brute and the Dadaists. 

And then all the sudden it was over, University ended and my primary goal became leaving the country.  A frenzied drive for independence and self-sustainability.