culture policy

The speaker last night glanced at 'culture' through another lens, from the perspective of the European Union. Culture politics were presented from the perspective of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture. Again totally in Slovene, she brought along with her an EU report, entirely in English, which kept me occupied for her entire presentation. 

The report was a survey of the definition and role of 'culture' in the various EU member states. What is your definition of culture? Do you create culture? consume culture? How do you get your cultural information? How important is culture in your life? for your country? for your identity? Do you feel more national or more European? Do you travel? Why? How many languages do you speak? for what reason?

The report organised the results by country, sex, income level and other statistical tags, showing general trends and tendencies of the south, north and eastern countries. 

I took the survey myself and ended up being somewhere in-between Italian and Swedish.